Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Both ears and the tail to Grant Watson, who, on the weekend, delivered on his threat to hand me a CD containing the best work of David Bowie post-1987.

I'm loving it. I love the Bowie take on electronica on tracks like Little Wonder (one of only 2 tracks from Grant's selection with which I was previously familiar), The Heart's Filthy Lesson, and Hello Spaceboy. And when he goes gentle and gives rein to the deep purr that his voice has become, the results are truly wonderful. Grant notes (How can you not love this boy? He puts together a party tape and provides liner notes!) Strangers When We Meet as his second favourite Bowie track ever, and it's immediately become one of mine as well: what a beautiful, haunting, lonely song it is. And I had forgotten just how much I liked The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell in the years since I heard it on JJJ.

Grant's put together 15 songs covering the decade between the 1st Tin Machine album and Hours, and I cheerfully declare my previous perception of Bowie as having gone into decline during that period to be erroneous and in the past: the CD is fabulous, and I'm loving the sound he's been pursuing. Many thanks to Grantypoo for re-educating me.

Song of the Moment: The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell David Bowie

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