Friday, October 20, 2006


So my weekend plans all seem to revolve around the movement of large amounts of soil, as well as packaging the novel up for the new agent-of-choice.

Entertain me. Tell me your plans.

Song of the moment: Where in the Hell Did you Go with my Toothbrush? Rev. Horton Heat
Reading: Mojo- Conjure Stories, still.


Anonymous said...

Saturday we're off on a day trip to Canterbury, to do research for Dirk's anthology. :)

Anonymous said...

Rewrites rewrites rewrites rewrites rewrites.

Oh, and some rewrites.

Anonymous said...

Saturday - stack of books and couch. Maybe with a lapcat and a steady supply of hot chocolate.

Sunday - cracking whips and packing boxes and forcing the whingey to actually move house.


Anonymous said...

Like Karen Miller said, rewrites.



Anonymous said...

I'm not at the rewrite point, but I am in the midst of a new story. Not sure where it's going. Anyway, Michelle is out all day tomorrow visiting her folks, so I'll be (a) sleeping in, (b) getting up and eventually getting around to scribbling, and (c) laundry.

Sunday as far as I know we're off down to the local park for the ritual 2.4-km vigourous walk/wildlife spotting expedition, probably followed by coffee at nearby cafe.

Anonymous said...

Hitting some garage sales (for cheap books, and voyeur value), then I've got seven weeks of readings in two subjects to do. Oh, and my local video store is having super-cheap weekend rentals. Something's gotta give.

Anonymous said...

Flew back from Sydney yesterday, so didn't do much cept packing and sitting on a plane - wrote stuff for my LJ though... Having been away for 3 weeks there is some housey stuff I have to do

The plan for today is:
Washing everything I own
Cleaning out my handbag of random receipts and crazy papers
To get through the top 15 blogs and lj's I haven't been able to read for three weeks (yours is one, obviously)
Check my phone messages and make plans to return calls
Read the fifty billion emails that stocked up because I was working, busily, on work
Update my 'reading list' - to be read, read, etc
Complete my calendar to Feb 2007
Prepare for trip away for a long weekend next weekend

Well, hopefully I will get through all of that - mind you - there is the 'house stuff' too... *gasp*

Simon Haynes said...

Sat - staining a new DVDshelf I built a couple of weeks ago. (Well, it's not a bookshelf is it?) It'll hold around 900, which should be enough for now.
Also Sat, rewrote the SMTP code in my email program to use events instead of timer loops. You wanted to know that, I'm sure. Upshot - it's ten times faster.
Today: Enjoying the new 20" LCD monitor I scored in Harvey Norman's carpark sale yesterday. RRP $799, I paid $389
Also today: still working on the plot outline for Hal 4, because I intend to write the final three quarters of the book during November's NanoWrimo.

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone. You got me through the weekend :)