Saturday, March 30, 2013


Only one week until the official Marching Dead launch in the convivial surrounds of Stefen's Bookstore. By this time next week we'll be nestled together, swapping jackets and rummaging around behind the bookshelves to see where Stefen hides his money, as well as getting stuck into the reading of some well-chosen excerpts, book signings, dwarf-throwing, bear-baiting and all-in Mexican custard wrestling, before we troop over to the Generous Squire for quaffing and toasting.

Spread the word! The more who come, the more entertaining it'll be for me to see people fighting over books: even funnier if they happen to be mine!

The Marching Dead
Stefen's Bookstore
8 Shafto Lane, Perth
Saturday, 6th April


Cursed Armada said...

Just picked up my copy here in the state of Illinois! Can't wait to dive in! Congrats on the release!

Lee Battersby said...

Illinois! My favourite American state beginning with an 'I' (Seriously, Indiana, pick your fucking game up)

Nice to see you maintaining the high Illinoisian standards for book choice, Cursed Armada :)

Hope you enjoy it.