Sunday, August 21, 2011


Back in March, I responded to the Angry Robot Open Submission Month for un-agented authors, along with, as it turns out, 943 other authors. Each of us sent in a synopsis and five chapters of our chosen novel-- in my case, The Corpse-Rat King, with the understanding that we'd probably get rejected by the first reader, and if not, then the partial that was requested would probably be rejected, and almost certainly, if we got past that hurdle, the full manuscript that was subsequently requested would be rejected. Less than 1% of all manuscripts submitted were even going to get to the editors, and even then, they might not take any on.

But any chance is worth taking, so 944 of us took it.

A partial was requested, and I sent it in. Then the full manuscript. I sent that in, too. And three days ago, Angry Robot emailed me to let me know that The Corpse-Rat King has been forwarded to the editors so that they can decide whether or not to offer me a contract, one of only 9 manuscripts to make it that far. Coincidentally, that's less than 1%

I'm a little chuffed :)

I'm trying not to get my hopes up: to be rejected at the last hurdle is like winning a pat on the back in the lottery, but I'm happy-- this is a validation of my novel-writing attempts, and a big fat hint that there is something in my work in this new (for me) format that's worth paying attention to. As I've said previously, it took me a long time to sell my first short story, and the lessons I've learned over the last decade of short story sales are counting for something. The chickens aren't hatched, and I haven't counted them, but at least the breeding program has relevance.

One beer, and back to work...

The full list of books has been announced here


Satima Flavell said...

Excellent news, Lee! Congrats - and crossed fingers!

Kristal Shaff said...

Congrats, Lee! FYI, there are several of us hanging out on the Absolute Write Forum waiting our fate. Amanda was one of the primary slush readers, as well as another woman named Donna. She raised 13 manuscripts to editorial as well. I also know another gal who got passed on to editorial by another slush reader. Here is a link to the forum.