Saturday, December 05, 2009


Erin is 8 today.

It is too easy to lapse into hyperbole when talking about your loved ones. But it is nothing more than unvarnished truth to say that, without Erin, I would not be alive. The story of why belongs in the past, but at the time, she was the rope I clung to in order to climb back to the world. Without her, I would not have met Luscious. Without her, I would not have found a new family. Without her, I would not have seen the life I have seen over these last 8 years. She carries within her the part of me that I lost, and could only regain through her.

She is a child of caring and delight, who thinks Captain Sensible is marginally better than Pink; who sees no problem in growing up to be an artist, dancer, teacher, and nurse all at the same time, as long as she can still play basketball; who will thank a friend for coming to play by making her a set of earrings; who can make horns with her lower lip and turn her tongue upside down; and I cannot look at her without a blinding pride.
Happy birthday, my most beautiful daughter.


Lynne Triffitt (the other one) said...

Hello Lee,
this is the east Coast Lynne.

Congratulations to your beautiful girl and, by extension, to you all. I can't believe she's eight. She's growing into a stunner. Have your got the tasers ready to stun all the boys whoa are going to make trouble in a few years?


Lee Battersby... said...

We're quietly proud :)

As my best friend Seanie sadi after the birth of his first daughter-- within an hour of her birth, without even having to look it up, he suddenly knew where all the gun shops were in a hundred mile radius....