Thursday, February 05, 2009


  • Ooooh, I could turn Corpse-Rat King for home, or I could add another section right here and stretch it out a bit. Both options look good.
  • Mad Max. Top Gun. If someone wants to nickname you 'Goose', just say no.
  • @seanlindsay Corpse Licker?
  • @seanlindsay No! No! (wait for it): CORPSE FELCHER!!!!!!!
  • She *said* multi-story parking, but I *heard* Montessori parking. “Oh, park where you want. As long as you get there in your own time..."
  • @seanlindsay Crossing lines is what Tiggers do best :)
  • Hope everyone is having a great time advancing their careers while I sit here ploughing through my first draft. (utters exaggerated sigh)
  • #review140: Mad Max and Bolt (now *there's* a double feature)--
  • I know it's my job to make sure he grows up speaking well, but I'm really going to be sad the day Connor stops caling lemonade "ermonade"
  • My little boy's first day at kindy. The house is all a flutter, especially young Mister Excited :)
  • Picked up Connor from his first day at kindy. All my kids at school: what a weird feeling! #

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