Thursday, April 10, 2008


No kids.
No jobs.
No duties.

The rest of Season 1 of Dexter.
Season 2 of Life on Mars.
The rest of Season 2 of Deadwood
The rest of Season 2 of Torchwood
Season 4, episode 1 of Dr Who

Don’t phone.

1 comment:

Glori said...

You've waited a week for episode 1?????? OMG! How can you!

I mean it's one of the few & very far betweens where my other half drags out of bed early to erm, you know & then we watch it by dinner. Else you know the sky would cave in, the Apocalypse arrive or at the very least frothing at the mouth may start.

Curious re Torchwood. I have words. I've had words and now I say no more :)

Dexter. Drool & of course I could give you a nth degree of separation from Joss (just cause I can & it's probably annoy you :P )