Friday, December 21, 2007


…….. you don't fit in:

LEE: It's all a matter of what you're willing to sacrifice, and I'd rather sacrifice money than family.
LEE: And, you know, I'd rather sacrifice a goat than a virgin.
REST OF TEAM: ……….. (stares)………….
LEE: (sighs)


Adrian said...

I had a moment like that when I worked (er, was employed by) at ATO in November '89. I was listening to the radio news on a Walkman while shuffling my papers and drawing pink lines on bank records, and heard in a sudden news bulletin that the Berlin Wall was, right at that minute, coming down, and East German folks were streaming through the breach into West Germany.

I was gobsmacked and elated, and yelled out to the coworkers around me, "The Berlin Wall's coming down! Right now! I heard it on the radio!"

Reaction: blank stares for a few seconds, then back to work.

Hmm, tough room, I thought.

Anyway, my sympathies, and I quite agree with your sentiments, too.

Imagine me said...

What strange workmates you have, Lee.

Glori said...

See I'd just show them HOW to sacrifice the goat - pass them the special dagger and all....

I'm lucky my sense of perverse humour has begun leaking in the new job (like "Can I put WNH through the extruders?") & they agree with me :o

THAT's weird (& good .... I think)