Wednesday, August 01, 2007


20 years ago, I was playing upwards of 5 sports a week, was well on my way to earning the 5th highest TEE score my high school had recorded, and couldn't make my mind up between going to Uni to be a paleontologist and applying to ADFA to beome an officer.

What a fat, useless, waste of gentic meterial I have beome.


Lynne said...

You wrote a story that may me cry. And Father Muerte would have no existance except for you.

And most of all, Lyn loves you and the kids love you.

20 years ago, we were all younger, fitter (possibly), and full of promise. Then we grew up. It happens, Lee. Please remember Lyn and you are doing the greatest thing a human being can do; raising kids right.

However, I just can't see you in uniform. And if you joined the armed forces, you might never have met Lyn. Now there's a thought.

Grant said...

You're saying this to a guy who at one point was ranked the 11th smartest 12 year-old (5th best at mathematics) in his state.

Brian G Ross said...

Yeah, time marches on, even if all we do is lie down and watch it.


Mark Smith-Briggs said...

But if you'd become that super successful sportsman/doctor type, who'd scare us silly with all those cool stories?