Sunday, March 25, 2007


Tomorrow is our second wedding anniversary. Two years ago, at Swancon 2005, Luscious and I confirmed in front of our friends and family something we'd already known for quite some time: that we wanted to spend our lives together, now and for always.

There's no real way to talk about the feelings I had that day without sounding trite and cliched, because the feelings I had are universal: overwhelming love, and passion, and a sensation down to the cellular level that what was happening was perfection itself, and that my life would never be anything but wonderful from that moment on. Two years later, despite the trials we've suffered, and the crises we've faced, that feeling remains. I still love my darling wife more than anything else in the realms of imagination; I still hold my children dearer than anything worth dying for; I still see myself as a small part of a unit of 7 beings, wife and kids and me, and nothing matters more than making them happy and fulfilled and safe.
So we've indulged ourselves this weekend: our tax returns arrived just in time to lash out and hire a spa for the week (a: yeah, we were that late. b) $180 for a week. How cool is that?); we've been out for dinner; and we treated ourselves to the Deadwood and Spaced box sets (now there's a double feature...). But really, the occasion is about us, and being together, and acknowledging that what really matters to us both is this feeling that we never, ever, want to be apart.
Which is exactly how I feel.

Who loves ya, kiddo?


Adrian said...

That was indeed a lovely day. Congratulations to, well, all of you! :)

Glori said...

Congratulations to both yourself & Lynn. Wonderful to hear that it still remains (could break out into many a song, but I won't - for everyone's sanity).

Happy Anniversary.