Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hey, anybody out there got any MST3K they'd be willing to let me and Aidey-baby borrow for a week or so?

We've only got 4 episodes on our hard drive, and now we'vew watched them all, and the local video store counterdrones look at us like we're two-headed alien babies if we ask for anything weirder than Ghost in the Shell.


Aria said...

The people that spring to mind for MST3K are Rob and Leece. They would be good people to ask.

Lee Battersby said...

Unfortunately, I lack contact details, and don't know them well enough to feel like I can simply loom up out of the darkness, request favours, and then disappear back into the murk

Glori said...

According to my other half, these are downloadable. I have no idea to the point of not knowing what it was til I asked :) I'm just a girl *snicker*.