Friday, November 10, 2006


Note to my ISP: when you ring us and pimp your broadband services, "Yes, we might be interested" does not mean "Yes please, sign us up, book the guys to come and fit it on Monday, take the first payment from our credit card and most importantly, please don't tell us you've done all this until we receive the email from you a week later telling us you're doing so. Oh, and when we ring to ask what the hell is going on, abuse and accusations should be your customer service options of choice."


So whilst we scream at them and threaten them with the ombudsman on the way to pulling the plug and fighting to get our money back, we've set up a gmail account to deal with emails.

Until we find ourselves a new ISP, you can get hold of us at or if you want to get hold of me alone for business or whatnot, I have one at

I shan't tell you which ISP it is, because I don't think it's ethical, but I will tell you this: those birds became extinct for a reason.


Anonymous said...

actually, posting who it is is not unethical. It's called karma.

Internode are your friend. well, my friend. I don't know if they can do ADSL in perth yet though ... I know and like the owner. he's a real geek.

Unknown said...

I learned during the compensation case that whatever you say in public may be used to smear and degrade you. As long as I don't mention them by name, I'll be happier when I'm sicking the Ombudsman and CCC onto them...

Anonymous said...

So, if I tell you Mr. Battersby, what I really think of you, you're gonna send the heavies round my house?

My ISP is bigger than yours...


Anonymous said...

If your ISP is the one I'm thinking it is, based on your clue, then I'm (a) not surprised at all that this has happened to you, and (b) baffled that this has happened to you. Make sense of that! :)

If your ISP is indeed the one I'm thinking of, it's the same one Michelle and I have had for going on several years now, and those guys have treated us exceptionally well, never overstepped the boundaries, etc, and their on-the-phone tech support has been brilliant--at least to us.

Then again, my parents tried to get signed up with the same outfit, and experienced a world of unbelievable pain and grief and five different kinds of day-glo crap before Mum/Dad finally persuaded them to nick the hell off.

Why our experience, and my parents' experience with the same company should be so radically different, I have no idea. And I'm damned sorry to hear that now you're having trouble with them, too.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! I just re-read your post and realised I made a giant, indeed, prehistoric, blunder in guessing the ISP in question. All of what I said in my previous comment? Forget about it. Different outfit. Sorry to clutter your comments.

Simon Haynes said...

I've been with iiNet for yonks, and before that Wantree (who were consumed by them.) Probably not the cheapest going around, but they're big enough that you don't get the cheesy crap which smaller ISPs try to pull. My parents are with iiNet as well, and so are my parents-in-law and my brother-in-law. All are more than happy. (My own brother chose someone else, but had his reasons.)
Having said that, everyone has an ISP horror story and each one is for a different company.
Check the whirlpool forums at for more than you want to know about aussie broadband suppliers. Any issues, that's where you'll hear about them. (You can complain about prehistoric ones too.)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments and advice, everyone. A little bit of shopping around has led me to apply with Westnet for broadband at a pretty good deal, bundled with our phone, so that'll take a couple of weeks to trundle through and then bye-bye dead birdy!

And Brian, if you're going to tell me what you really think of me you'll have to read everyone else's abuse first and come up with something original :)