Monday, November 13, 2006


Birthday weekend is over (Awwwwwww....) and it's back to the real world this morning.

I did very well, thanks for asking :) The kids made me breakfast in bed to start the day, and apart from the external hard drive I'd purchased a few days before, gifts bestowed included: A Hellboy bookmark with a little bit of film stock embedded in the body; It's Goodnight From Him: An Autobiography of The Two Ronnies by Ronnie Corbett; The Best of Dave Allen DVD, and a box set DVD containing a history of the UEFA European Championships and a highlights package from the same competition, totalling almost 3 hours of non-stop football!

I was formally removed from the necessity to do any housework for the day, and generally made to feel just a bit special. Aiden looked after the kids while Lyn took me out to lunch, and we spent the afternoon watching Dave Allen (and being pleasantly surprised at just how watchable he remains, 30 years since his height) and reading: the Corbett book was fantastic, very readable in style and treading the fine line between reminiscence and twee-ish nicety with a sure step, which made for a touching and heartfelt look at a warm friendship. I fell into the book and finished it yesterday bfore bed, which says something about how much reading time everybody allowed me :)

So now I'm 36. Next, Connor's 2nd and Erin's 5th!


Sad news on the weekend: Jack Williamson died at the age of 98. One of the genuine pioneers of SF, first publishing it way back in the days when it was still scientifiction, he was still writing, still publishing, and still in love with the genre up until he died.

Williamson was one of the true fathers of our genre, and we're a little poorer for his passing.

Song(s) of the moment: Songs From the Labyrinth Sting


Christopher Phillips said...

A belated happy birthday - I'll be catching you in May :)

Iain said...

Scorpio too, hmmmm?

Anyway, happy birthday from your east-coast doppelganger (though not for long, for soon you will be on the east coast and I shall ffffade aaaawwayyy...)

(I love ellipses too much)


Unknown said...

I love ellipses to, uh pipses? damn, i thought I had a whole "hates meeces to pieces" deal going there....

Anonymous said...

They will remove your codes if you keep complaining and yes, go to the TIO but, how did the ISP obtain your details if you were 'only interested'. Handing over CC details implies to me that you gave details for a signup or they tricked you into giving them while they sneakily did the signup.

That bit has me perplexed and the TIO may ask you that same thing, so consider that bit before speaking to them so you are prepared.

Hope that helps.

Get yourself ADSL2+ with iiNet and watch that internet fly - nothing like downloading a file at 800k to get your heart going :)




Unknown said...

Hi Gavin,

The ISP already had our CC details because we have a dial-up connection with them. Thankfully things *seem* to be sorted out now, and we've signed up for broadband with a different company, one that seems well-respected amongst our colleagues, so (crosses fingers) it should all be good now.....