Monday, November 24, 2008


I'm working in the office. Aiden is on the couch watching the Foo Fighters Live at Wembley concert film. Suddenly he starts shouting at me to get in here, quick! So I haul in there. It's the Foo Fighters. I'm not a fan. What am I going to be interested in?

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones guest spot. Rock and Roll in front of 86 000 screaming fans.

86 000 fans going absolutely apeshit, plus two blokes in Clarkson, plus Dave Grohl bouncing around the stage in absurdly grinning fanboy heaven with the words Look at me, I'm drumming for Led Fucking Zeppelin! appearing above his head in thought bubbles fifty feet high.

Totally. Fucking. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME! Foo Zeppelin. I'm headbanging and throwing up the horns in your honour. Now I'm looking for some headphones and reaching for the Led Zep...

Unknown said...

There will be much Zepness on my work playlist tomorrow at work :)