Sunday, October 12, 2008


As is my wont, I occasionally purchase items of a useful and pleasing nature. You know, like Lyn >:)

And, like Lyn, the instructions are sometimes a little on the, shall we say, interpretive dance level.


Yesterday, oh, yesterday my friends, we reached a level of English-as-a-guideline-only-ness that even Samuel Goldwyn would have viewed with pride. I don't know what it'll be yet, but I'm bound to have something cool kicking about the house I can give away as a prize for the first person who can tell me what these instructions relate to. It's a personal item, and it's blue. That's all the hint you get :)


Twelfth Planet Press said...

I'm gonna go with an electric toothbrush. My first thought was a Christmas tree, but I knew that couldn't be right!

Unknown said...

Wrong and wrong :)

Anonymous said...

I say crazy LED keychain light, as the instructions were so clear they actually used it here:

Wow. Does it work as described? How does the housing LOGO taste?

~Chris G.

Unknown said...

Well, that's got to go down as amongst the lamest competitions ever. Serves me right for doing something other than telling semi-amusing stories baout my kids :)

You're absolutely right, of course, Chris. Send me your address and I'll post you something cool from my soon to be spring-cleaned House o' Fun

Anonymous said...

Well, I feel like I cheated, using the interweb, and all. The main reason I googled the instructions was that the first couple of ideas I had regarding something that all of those crazy instructions could apply to took me to the naughty place...

Still, I'll send you my address just so I have a reason to send you a return parcel in time for Christmas.

~Chris G.

Unknown said...

You know, used in the right way (read: the utterly wrong way), it can still take you to the naughty place. It'll just be lit up when you get there >:)