Thursday, June 22, 2006


World Cup fatigue is setting in: the last couple of nights I've taken to the couch armed with pillow and blankets, in order to watch the first game of the evening, sleep during the second, and catch the last couple.

Last night, I even set myself to sacrifice sleeping under our brand new duvet set in order to go on my nightly pilgrimage. (Is there a greater pleasure of an evening than going to sleep under crisp, new sheets? I mean, apart from sex?) I didn't even make half-time of the Netherlands/Argentina game, which had promised ot be an absolute blockbuster. And then I found out this morning that they'd basically just jogged their way through a nil-all snoozefest because they'd both qualified for the sceond round didn't feel the need to work for table position.

Things get easier in the second round. It's the first time I've done this with a family to care for the following day. No way I get to take a month off this work :)

Lyn, meanwhile, has taken a proactive approach to life as a World Cup widow, taking to bed early each night with all four seasons of Footballer's Wives to keep her company. As she said, "You have your football, and I have mine."

Fair enough, really :)


We've entered the second week of my interview over at the ASiF forum, and so far, it's been a blast. The great thing about being open to public interview is that anything you say can be taken up and commented upon or questioned by anybody, which means that I've got to think hard about what I'm saying, and justify what I mean. I'm enjoying the result, and having a ball discussing the world at large with those who have dropped in to say hello.

I'm there until the 27th, so get on over and contribute.


Coming up at the frabjous Ticonderoga Online: a competition to win one of two signed copies of Through Soft Air!

All you have to do is come up with the best title for an imaginary Father Muerte story, using the naming convention "Father Muerte And..."

More details once the good Ticfolks announce the competition properly, but get in early and start thinking of titles.

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