Tuesday, March 23, 2004


Got my bright, shiny, copy of the Luscious-edited ASIM 11 in the mail today. (Lyn got hers yesterday, but you know, RHIP...). It looks very cool, and the Luscious One has been bouncing around the place for over 24 hours, clutching it to her chest and singing "Look what I did, look what I did..."

I may be biased, but "Best issue ever" in my Simpson's comic Book Store Guy voice. There's a really talented group within its pages: the likes of Martin Livings, Dirk Flinthart, Rick Kennett, Paul Haines and Stephen Dedman have stories, while Kim Wilkins, Robert Hood, Terry Dowling, Stephen (again) and Greg Bear contribute to interviews.

Buy. Buy. BUY.


Popped Love Me Electric in the mail today. Now to sit back and wait...


My brother's getting married this coming weekend, so on Saturday, Luscious Lyn went out on the Hen's night while Scott and I performed the very manly Buck's Night task of staying at home and looking after the babies :)

Pizza and wrestling videos were the order of the night. Small question: what do wresting fans do with the brain cell when they've all had a turn with it? We also suffered through The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Not sure how seriously Scott was taking the whole thing: at the point where we see the Nautilus steaming across the surface towards Venice he turned to me and said "If you can read this, I've lost my skier".

Sunday night found Lyn, Erin and I having dinner at Callisto and Cheshire's place. It's always fun with those guys. After a viewing of Pirates of The Caribbean (Arrrr!!!!), they showed us an Andy Lau movie called (I think) Mahjong Warrior. Don't ask. Just picture us laughing in disbelief :) However, we did manage to formulate....


It's very simple. Put on Pirates, and every time pretty-boy Orlando tries to act by doing that little furrow with his eyebrows, take a swig. If you're not rolling about laughing your ass off by the time they steal the Interceptor you're either: a) a teetotaller, or b) a teenage girl so in love with PBO you're cursing my bones for daring to intimate that this generation's Keanu Reeves can't act....


Got my 1500th hit on this blog a couple of days ago. Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoy my aimless ramblings

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