Tuesday, March 30, 2004


A little happy dance: news has just arrived of my 28th sale- Peridot Books have picked up The Habit of Dying.

There's a messy little history to this story. It was actually my first publication, back in 2001. The ezine Alien Q bought it for $US50, and posted it in their August issue of that year. Which was great. Except they never paid me. Not even after a number of emails, and the intervention of the fabulous Ralan Conley of Ralan.com. It took almost 18 months for us to get the dickheads at Alien Q to remove the story from their site, and to this day I've never received the 50 bucks they owe me (Hint: if you want me to stop slandering you to everyone I meet, pay me my money, you turds.)

Anyway, having finally, as far as I was concerned, retained all rights to my story with the eventual wiping of it from their site, it's really pleasing to know people will be able to see it properly, at a site that respects its writers. It's due out in Volume 24, their May issue. I'll give you a heads up when it comes out, or you can always head over to the Story Page of my website and get a taste of the first paragraph.

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