Thursday, October 16, 2003


It occurs to me that I should probably put a list of my successes here, for those who came in late or are too lazy to follow the link back to my homepage. Anyhoo, fer whut it's worth:


Little Sequels (Antipodean SF, TBA. Reprint)

The Hobbyist (Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine Issue 10, December 2003)

Ecdysis (Andromeda Spaceways In-Flight Magazine issue 11, February 2004)

Father Muerte & The Rain (Aurealis Issue 33, April 2004)


A Very Good Lawyer (Glimpses, Vision anthology, October 2003)

A Stone To Mark My Passing (Elsewhere, CSFG anthology, October 2003)

When I Came Back (Potato Monkey issue 3, September 2003)

Little Sequels (No Award, Issue 4, August 2003)

In The Dream Factory (Winner, Katharine Susannah Prichard SF/F Competition, August 2003. No publication)

Between (Commended, Katharine Susannah Prichard SF/F Competition, August 2003. No publication)

Corner God (Antipodean SF issue 59, April 2003)

Making Two Fists (Agog! Fantastic Fiction, April 2003)

Moment (Consensual: The Second Coming, April 2003)

Your Mother Likes Monkeys (Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine issue 6, April 2003)

Through Soft Air (Borderlands issue 1, April 2003)

Guitar Wishes (No Award issue 2, April 2003)

The Great Detective (Fables & Reflections issue 4, April 2003)

Though I Be Stone (Whispers From The Shattered Forum issue 11, November 2002)

Carrying The God (Writers Of The Future Volume 18, August 2002) 3rd place, 2nd quarter, 2002 Writers Of The Future Competition

Father Muerte And The Theft (Aurealis issue 29, June 2002) Shortlisted for 2003 Ditmar, "Best Short Story"; Recommended Reading list, "Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 16" anthology.

Brillig (EOTU e-zine, June 2002)

The Divergence Tree (Orb Speculative Fiction double issue 3/4, June 2002)

Pass The Parcel (Australian Woman's Day, November 2001)

A Star Is Born (Borderlands Convention Booklet, November 2001)

Three Times The Monster (poem, emPOWa Vol. 2, September 2001)

The Habit Of Dying (Alien Q e-zine, August 2001)


2003 Katharine Susannah Prichard SF/F Awards: 1st Prize, "In The Dream Factory"

2003 Katharine Susannah Prichard SF/F Awards: Commended, "Between"

2003 Australian SF "Ditmar" Award: Best New Talent

2003 Western Australian SF "Tin Duck" Awards nomination: Best Professional Writer

2003 Australian SF "Ditmar" Awards nomination: Best Short Story, 'Father Muerte & The Theft'

2003 "Ditmar" Awards nomination: Best Professional Achievement

2002 Writers Of The Future: 3rd place, 2nd quarter, "Carrying The God"

2001 Australian Woman's Day Short Story Contest: Highly Commended, "Pass The Parcel"

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