Friday, October 24, 2003


My contributor's copy of Glimpses, the first anthology of the Vision writing group, came in the mail yesterday. Read everyone's bios, then flicked to my story and settled down to see what it looked like in print: hmm. I don't know about other writers, but I always read my own stories when they come out in magazines. They look a lot different to manuscript format, and I can view them a little more objectively than I could when they were sent off. Anyway, A Very Good Lawyer proves a bit of an annoyance to me: it's only a bit of frippery, a light and fun tale with no deeper context or message, but it's been a year since I submitted it, and I found myself wanting to pull out a pen and neaten it up as I read. Not an indicator of my current best work, I think, but it's a fun tale and it's nice to see it in print. There's some good names in the book: Geoff Maloney, Trent Jamieson, Dirk Flinthart and the like, so it's nice company to be in.

The CSFG anthology Elsewhere was launched last week, and my copy should be in the mail any picosecond now. I rated A Stone To Mark My Passing a bit of a better story than 'Lawyer', and it was recently awarded at the Katherine Susannah Prichard SF/F Competition under the name Between, so I'll be interested to give that one a read and see how it holds up.

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