Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Amidst all the kerfuffle, I failed to notice that results had been posted for the 2013 City of Perth Library haiku competition, and I managed to avoid the ignominy of actually winning anything with any of my entries.

So, for posterity and your education adn amusement, I present you with my five failed entries:

silver-bladed leaf
etched in deep-devoted words
edges drip in red


forced restructuring
empty bed and meals for one
micro-managed loss


infomercial dreams
extruded mental products
sponsored by McSleep


neon dinosaur
confused, abandoned, alone
shadowed night attacks


grey half-life faces
earthbound plastic consciousness
collapsible minds

Ah, well. Back to trying to make my fortune from short stories and late night Baldur's Gate playing sessions....


Kate Campbell said...

At least you are trying to expand your repertoire. I always think of you as more of a Limerick type of guy but I liked your haiku. Sadly, I wasn't a judge. Better luck next time.

Lee Battersby said...

I never expect to win anything when I enter a poetry competition. I'm good enough to sell a few here and there, but never good enough to compete against real poets. It's too hard! :)