Sunday, November 13, 2011


You'd probably be surprised to hear it, but there aren't that many places in Mandurah for a fat middle-aged man to hang out with others and explore his hobby in a relaxed social setting if his hobby happens to be a kid's toy like Lego.

There's probably not many places to go if your hobby is sodomising kittens, either, but hey, I zigged instead of zagged and went with Lego.

Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered the world of LUGS. Lego User Groups, organisations of AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) who do just that. Get together and do the Lego thing, not the kitten thing. Forget the kitten thing. Jeez. Sorry I even brought it up.

So I get in touch. I'm just getting back into the hobby, I've seen some of your stuff on the net-- and bugger me, the stuff this group does is astonishing-- I'd like to come up and find out what you're all about. After a while, I get a reply. I can't have been the only one asking, because it's a form reply.

They've got a new HQ, and they'd be interested in a small selection of new members. Provided you build to a high enough standard. Please send us some images of your MOCs so we can decide if you're good enough.


I know I'm a crazy, wacky old curmudgeon, but my impression of Lego was that it was a kids toy, something adults could enjoy and hey, if you look at guys like Nathan Sawaya, blow the minds of the world with. But exclusionary? I'd rather sit on the floor with my kids and build spaceships and open air cafes than try to persuade someone that I'm good enough to play in their clubhouse. I stopped paying that shit the last time I grew out of Lego. I just want somewhere to play with like minded PALS.

A pal of mine is a member of MUGS, the Melbourne Lego user group. She's trying to persuade me to start my own LUG: the region is big enough to support another group, and I'd prefer not to have to travel to Perth  just to play with others. Lyn will let me think about it if I get her a chihuahua. You know what I think about dogs, right? Does the fact I'm actually thinking about letting her have one explain my feelings on the subject?

High enough standard.

MandUGS? ManUGS? PUGS? SPUGS?......


SarahP said...

Hahahaha PUGS and after my email abotu POGS this strikes me as hilarious.

Can you tell I had a bit of champagne tonight?

SAB said...

*cough* not just a member of MUGs.. The President and, by default, one of the key players in AFOLdom in Australia.

Unknown said...

well, yeah, but I didn't want to bignote names without permission, especially as I'm having a massive dig at people :)

SAB said...

I've been told to say *the* key player in AFOLdom. Feel free to bignote, lol. And dig away, they were being dicks :)

Unknown said...

well, I was going to say "But then I had a quiet word with my close personalfriend, who just happens to be the* most important person in Australian lego Fandom, don'cha know,and she sorted them out, bwaaahhhh" but most people just assume I've already earned my Wide Mouth Banker badge already :)))

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