Wednesday, May 06, 2009


So it's been a while, and sorry to say, my little darlings, but it'll be a little while yet before I'm fully back to my blogging best. We're on the move, y'see: upping sticks and moving the entire Battourage a hundred plus kilometres southwards where we shall set up shop by the sea and spend the rest of our days tormenting stray dolphins and eating crab and fetta pies.

Upshot is, the phone line goes bye byes here some time tomorrow night and won't be up at the new place until early next week. Until then, no internets for busy Batts.

In the meantime, feel free to have yourselves an open thread in the comments section, and a picture I took at the state aquarium some time ago:


Benjamin Solah said...

Wow, best of luck with the move. Where abouts are you moving to exactly? You're in WA hey?

Unknown said...

Just wanted to stop by and, as one who as a nipper moved house a great many unwelcome times, wish you a safe and brief moving experience, without too much having to chase back and forth, back and forth, for days afterwards, sorting out loose ends and stuff you still have to take care of at the old house, etc. I always hated that part of moving the most, after the actual packing, lugging, dragging and gasping, etc. Hope the new Battdigs is everything you want it to be.