Wednesday, December 17, 2008


  • Sick day two. Swollen ankle day two and a bit. Two episodes of Top Gear saved on Foxtel IQ. Morning would appear to be taken care of.

  • New couch arriving this morning, just in time for me to lie on it all day.

  • Have to go to hospital for an ultrasound on my ankle in case I have blood clots. Looks like another day off work at least.

  • Ultrasound shows no blood clots. Which means I probably have gout. At 38............................... shit.

  • @thesciphishow Haven't tried Frisky Dingo, but love the others, as well as The Brak Show and Aqua Teen Hunger Force (though the movie stank)

  • @thesciphishow The all-time best, though, is The Venture Brothers. Go Team Venture!

  • Sitting in a cafe, waiting to go in and watch 'Four Holidays', wondering if we're about to make a horrible mistake

  • 'Four Holidays' not a *complete* mistake, but I could have waited until it was on weekly hire and not felt ripped off at paying $1.95 for it

  • One publishing house following another's tweets? Could that be the world's crappest industrial espionage? :)

  • TV taglines I want to hear: "The 21st century is when everything changes. Except for you. Sorry."


Anonymous said...

Hey! I came across you blog via my fearless leader, Kate Eltham. In thinking about sick days, I confess to somthing of a literary pub crawl (same idea, minus the alcohol). My "book crawls" as I call them, consists of piles of books in each room that I shuffle between - the bedroom, another pile in the loungeroom, and another in the study. Glorious.
Rest up !!

Unknown said...

Heya Lisette, glad to have you along. Give Kate a hug and a squeeze from me-- it's too long since I saw you all at QWC.