Monday, September 22, 2008


If you didn’t make it to the KSP Minicon on Sunday, well, you missed a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging occasion. The focus was very much on writing and writers (I’m tempted to say ‘this was the con we rescued from the fans’, a la Swancon 2006) but there was much socialising, coffee and mini-muffins, and banter for all. It was the most relaxed and happy day I’ve spent at a convention in a long time.

Pity you missed it.

Adrian & Michelle Bedford share a joke with Lyn, while Dave Luckett and Stephen Dedman get up to no good in the background

Three wise men: Simon Haynes, Bevan McGuiness, Russell Farr

How to Escape The Slushpile: Everyone's Gotta Opinion!

Lyn makes with the funnies as Janet Blagg and Alisa Krasnostein show their appreciation


Satima Flavell said...

Lee, those pics are lovely - I'll link to them from my blog. It was a great day and we KSPers are so happy you and Lyn could come. There should be more happy little gatherings like that one. It's wonderful to see people enjoying themselves, sharing something they all love.

SarahP said...

It looks like fun!