Monday, January 01, 2007


For reasons of oddness, we proclaimed 2006 as a 15 month year: we started on the 1st october 2005, and finished yesterday. In a week's time, Lyn flies out to Clarion South, and doesn't return until the end of February.

So 2007, for the Triffbats, is hereby the Ten Month year. All our plans start on the 1st of March.

I'm not setting any resolutions this year. But I do have some goals, and, you know, they're vague enough that I'll find a way to paint them as a success come next January, if I have to :)

  • I exhibited genuine growth as a writer during 2006. I want to make the jump, this year, from a mainly Australian sales record to selling mainly in the US and Europe. I want to continue to grow: creatively, artistically, and commercially.
  • I want to sell my first novel, and complete my second.
  • I want to write a short, mainstream novel.
  • I want to finish establishing the gardens around the house, and to eat the first harvest from a vegetable garden
  • I want to create a webcomic
  • I want to set up a Cafe Press shop and offer at least half a dozen designs for sale
  • I want to sign with an agent
  • I want to establish enough financial security that I can purchase my first share portfolio
  • I want a measurable percentage of my income to come from alternative source to a 9-5 day job
  • I want to feel happy at the level to which I have created self-sufficiency and independence from traditional, mainstream methods of living (Ya know: veggie garden, rainwater tank, chicken run, that sort of thang)
  • I want to be thinner, weigh less, and be healthier
  • I want to establish my online world in one cohesive, homogeneous whole, bringing together my website, blog, LJ, mailing lists, shops, writings and so forth into a single, recognisable, easy to follow 'brand'
  • I want to discover at least half a dozen musical artists I haven't previously heard

That'll do for starters


Dave Cake said...

The problem with putting all online stuff together into one, recognizable, easy to follow "brand" is it can make it difficult to distinguish between the personal stuff (that is for chatting with friends, etc) and professional (commication to general public, industry, etc).

Unknown said...

Yeah, but that happens to me anyway, so I may as well have everything in one easy place while it happens :)

Brian G Ross said...

I'm always discoverin' new musical 'talents' that I've never heard of - problem is, they're generally not any good.


Unknown said...

Heh, that's my problem as well. And thanks to the women in my life I've had *years* of Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne, Robbie Williams.......

I'm always up for recommendations.

Grant said...

Have you heard a band called Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine? They could be your first new musical discovery!

Unknown said...

Ah yes, I remember Carter USM, a feature of my Uni years many many moons ago.

I don't have any in my collection atm, though, so I might just go trawling :)

Brian G Ross said...

I thought I was the unstoppable sex machine...

...oh well, I guess not everyone knows that yet...