Thursday, December 28, 2006

OVER...... IT'S ALL OVER..........

And I survived!

I was going to do a big post about Xmas, but it's much more fun for me to put together a photo essay, with comments.

The important bits: we spent the day at home with the kids. Many presents were exchanged. we were all in love with each other. It was tops.

Let the carnage begin.....

What is this, and what do I do with it?

Many happy children

I think she likes it. (Camera-toting hubby breathes sigh of relief)

Lunch. The verdict? Buuuuuuurrrppppp....

Merry Christmas to y'all from the Triffbatts!

Once I download Picasa tonight (3 free sets, Flickr? Get knotted!) I'll put up a proper gallery of Christmas photos.
Hope yours was fun. Ours was.

Song of the Moment: Hungry Like The Wolf Richard Cheese
Reading: 20th Century Ghosts Joe Hill, the current issue of Alpha


Brian G Ross said...

Great pictures, Mr. Battersby. Looks like you had a brilliant time! Christmas is a whole different ball game when there are kiddies involved, eh?

Unknown said...

Yeah, Christmas with children means chaos is virtually guaranteed!

OTOH, with children and without religion is exactly the perfect mix, afaic.