Saturday, July 15, 2006


Oh dear. I really have no right to whinge: guess what I found when I was cleaning up the office again today?

Another 38 story fragments. I'm transcribing them now, but it's likely I'll have something like 30 000 words of unfinished short stories by the time I'm finished. I'll list them, just like the last lot, but right now, I'm ever so slightly embarrassed.

Luscious and I have the Triffkids until next Friday for our share of the school holidays, which means we'll be spending our time with them instead of going out anywhere much, which means that we'll be able to insititute a regular writing routine as of Monday. And I'll have plenty to be getting on with...


Lyn and Cassie are out tonight on a girly mission, the littlies are in bed already, and once Dr Who has been watched and the girls are gone: a pack of crisps each, a cool drink each, and the boys and I have Godzilla Vs Destroyah on the box!


Song of the moment: Some R&B crap Cassie is forcing us to listen to in the background.

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