Monday, April 03, 2006


Thanks to the kindness of the lads at Aurealis, I have 10 copies of their latest issue, #36 currently sitting next to me on the bookshelf (that's right, I work from a bookshelf. It's cramped, but cozy...)

Even if I do say so myself, and I do, this is one hell of a doozy of an issue: apart from mine own story, the Australian Shadows Award-winning Father Muerte & The Flesh, it also contains Trent Jamieson's Aurealis Award winning Slow and Ache (Best SF Short Story), and Kim Westwood's AA-nominated Terning Tha Wheel (also Best SF short story) as well as tales from Jay Caselberg, Rob Hood, Tansy Rayner Roberts and others. Australian SF legend Van Ikin, Ben Payne, Bill Congreve and Kate Forsyth are amongst the non-fiction contributors.

The magazine normally costs $12.50 plus postage, but thanks to the miracle of contributor discounts, you can get it from me for $9 plus postage.

Contact me to order a copy.

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