Thursday, April 13, 2006


Sent The Ballad of Dwight & Renfield away earlier in the week, and in return, received news that my pitch for the Doctor Who anthology has been accepted. The 2nd Doctor and Jamie, battling a creature made from an unknown form of electricity, under the streets of Prague whilst above, the city's history intrudes upon its present.

Should be fun, non?

I'll be sharing pages with Aussies Sean Williams, Stephen Dedman and Rob Hood, so I'll be in some fine local company.


Well, it seems Tansy Rayner Roberts is an unabashed Luscious fan. She's reviewed her favourite 18 stories from 2006 so far, and Lyn has two mentions. Tansy says:

Edges, Lyn Battersby, Shadowed Realms 9: Despite the disorientation at seeing my baby's name attached to a sexually aggressive character, I thought this was a really effective piece of horror about multiple personality syndrome - shows the amount of story you can actually pack into flash fiction.


The Hanging Tree, Lyn Battersby, Borderlands 6: I'll be reviewing this issue for AS if - but this is one of the two standout stories in the issue, an angry but controlled story with strong characters and a sense of Australian history. It's based on a premise that could easily turn ugly (or, at least, trite) in the hands of a less accomplished writer, but the fierceness of the narrative transcends the story's gimmick. Where "The Memory of Breathing" was restrained and tense, this story is wild and raw and emotionally violent (though, I believe, less actually disturbing than TMOB - but I don't particularly want to imagine a story that's *more* emotionally disturbing).

And in even more exciting news, Her Lusciousness was this morning contacted by an independent film producer who wants to option The Memory of Breathing. It never rains, non? :)

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