Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Just been informed that the shelf of knick-knacks I knocked over at Cheshire & Callisto's place wasn't actually a shelf of knick-knacks.

Oh Christ. Calli, what the hell were they?


A good day in Casa Del Us yesterday, our first day of the full-time-writer-thang (probably need to get a better title for it. How about "Lee And Lyn's Poverty-Stricken Adventure"?)

The Luscious One sent 2 stories out, to ASIM and Ideomancer; wrote over 1000 words on her Big Phat Phantasy Novel (And I quote: "You're stuff always turns out too weird to sell, so I guess I'M going to have to be the whore in this family!"); got through a fat pile of work for her issue of ASIM (Coming up next month: BUY IT, PEOPLE!); and critiqued 3 stories for the KSPSF group. I managed to get two stories out as well, to ASIM and Borderlands; critique a story for KSPSF; logged another 500 words plus on Mikal; and got through a whole bunch of research for the Napoleon Novel (HINT: There are far more places in Western Australia named after dead French guys than you thought...). And we managed to walk almost 3.5 kilometres in our morning constitutional. The Stop-The-Peter-Jackson-Jokes campaign gathers momentum!

Not a bad effort, that. I normally need a lie down if I go to the kitchen and the letterbox in the same day...

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