Sunday, March 26, 2017


Today is my 12th wedding anniversary.
Twelve years married to this amazing, talented, wise, intelligent, stylish, caring, kind, wonderful woman:
who was told she was destined for nothing, so became an author and artist;
who was told she was stupid, so fought and scratched and refused to give up, and earned her degree;
who was denied years of family love and responded by nurturing and given flight to two families' of children;
who was told she had nothing to give and now prepares to give direction and education to hundreds of schoolchildren;
who is afraid of heights so abseiled;
who is afraid of snakes so held them and kissed them;
who illuminates and inspires and conquers and endures;
who qualified as a massage therapist;
who has travelled the country;
who has run distance races;
who has taken on every challenge and dismissal and marginalisation, and won;
who has potential in unlimited amounts;
who can do, and had done, anything she sets her mind to. 

Who is the most interesting, complete, and endlessly fascinating person I have ever met.
Who loves, and is loved in return.

She persisted? She persists.

Who has a quite unbelievable number of photos of her poking her tongue out...

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