Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Enrolments are now open for the Australian Writers Marketplace Online Learning Centre's October intake of my 6 week Writing The SF Short Story Course.

The July intakes rocked the granny's panties, and were full of vibrant, passionate, and altogether excellent commentary, opinions, analysis and most importantly, stories.

If you want my undivided attention for six whole weeks, and a guaranteed half a dozen solid gold stories that will make your fortune and turn you into the world famous Rock & Roll Tyrannosaurus Sex God of Speculative Fiction * you always knew you really were deep down inside, then knock on over to the AWM Online site and enrol now.

I guarantee you'll feel better for it.**

*Actual Rock & Roll Tyrannosaurus Sex God status not included. Some things you just have to work at.

** No genuine feelings of.... actually, no, I do guarantee you'll feel better for it. If you can't feel better after immersing yourself in being a writer for 6 weeks, you're probably not a writer to begin with.

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