Tuesday, January 01, 2008


A couple of months ago it was zombies, now my darling daughter wanders into the office and presents me with the texta-coloured expression of love below:

Dig the hair, baby!

That’s right: we’re a family, and according to Erin, we’re werewolves.

She’s cute, my daughter. Wednesday Addams cute….


Cat Sparks said...

golly -- you *have* lost a lot of weight, Lee! Also, who is the unnamed pink jellyfish-looking family member with the pencil-thin legs standing inbetween the kids? Or would only someone who watches too much sci fi mistake that for a person?

Lee Battersby said...


I have it on the authority of the artist that the pink jellyfish thing is a party table with pretty flowers made out of diamonds.

Need any art for the next Agog? :)))

Cat Sparks said...

[slaps head] of course! Young people and their modern art, etc etc.

I have seen worse images on anthology covers