Monday, April 30, 2007


News from Editorland these past few days, and froody projects to hunt down and getchyo fill of Battwords--

Daikaiju II: Return of The Giant Monster Tales comes out from Agog! Press in June, and contains Luscious' story Born of Woman, along with tales by Chris McMahon, Maxine McArthur, Jason Nahrung and others.

Barely will scores of little Japanese workers have cleared the rubble when Daikaju III: Giant Monsters Vs The World will lumber into view in October. My story Beached shall be within, alongside works by Steven Savile, Mikal Trimm, Rob Hood and friends.

And on the subject of things Saviley, the anthology Monster Noir is also due to make an appearance in time for Halloween, edited by the good Steven, and will contain The Ballad of Henry Renfield by yours truly.

More details, covers, blatant plugs and exhortations to buy as they become available.


Mikal Trimm said...

Looking forward to sharing another ToC, Lee!


Lee Battersby said...

It's becoming a habit, isn't it? :)

And always a damn pleasure to be besides your work, I must say.